Next Interview: Questions for Edgar Ramirez?


He made a big impression in “Zero Dark Thirty,” and the Venezuelan hunk has dazzled in such films as “Carlos,” built from the German TV series about the infamous terrorist, and in a “Bourne” movie here, a “Wrath of the Titans” there.

Edgar Ramirez takes on his most daunting role yet in “The Liberator” or “El Libertador,” the film biography of the liberator of South America, the George Washington of the South, Simon Bolivar.

He’s Bodhi in the remake of “Point Break,” and boxer Robert Duran in the bio pic “Hands of Stone.”

I have some questions about the film and his role in it to ask, but as always, I’m looking for suggestions from readers. Questions for Edgar? Please comment away, and thanks for the suggestions.

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