Box Office: “Apes” devour Friday, “Boyhood” delivers high per-screen numbers

boxA soft, in more ways than one, Thursday night opening for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” was pointing toward a film that would under-perform vis a vis its projected $70 million opening.

But Friday turned that around, as the 3D sequel played to packed houses, 4,000 theaters worth — $27 million or so, according to

That suggests something in the $60s to low $70s.

Word of mouth on this well-reviewed film should be good, so if Saturday produces similar numbers, Fox has a July hit on its hands.

“Boyhood” is having a healthy per-screen opening — a big midnight Thursday — and should roll out into more than five theaters, starting within weeks. It’s the best reviewed movie of the year. Figure, what, a staggering $35,000 per screen, based on $10,000 from five theaters Thursday midnight? Spitballing here, but it could do $60,000 per screen, extrapolating those single show numbers to all-day Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

“Tammy” is tumbling off and won’t hit anywhere near $100 million, “Begin Again” added theaters and climbs into the top ten, “Transformers” is over $200 million by Sunday night, “22 Jump Street” will probably fall short of that mark, by month’s end.

This looks like the last weekend “Jersey Boys” is in the top ten.

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