Dodge makes the Vince Vaughn/Kevin James comedy “The Dilemma” prophetic with Electric Muscle Car Reveal

You probably don’t remember this movie, even though it was directed by Ron Howard and starred Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder.

“The Dilemma” was a painfully unfunny “what I know about the state of my friends’ relationship” comedy that was a rare Howard swing-and-completely-miss. It came out almost ten years ago and is pretty much forgotten.

But the job that the guys with cheating-on-their-spouse issues were collaborating on was one that converted a Dodge muscle car — the Charger, depicted above — into an electric car that drove, felt and SOUNDED like a testosteroney V-8.

As something of a car guy, that plot detail struck me at the time as the cleverest thing in the movie, in a “That could happen/That SHOULD happen” sort of way.

Yesterday, Dodge showed the world its new concept Daytona. Here it is.

It’s electric, they hope to have it out in 2024. And it’ll sound like a muscle car, with “a multigear transmission” (That you can SHIFT?) and other muscular effects.

No, they’re not calling it “The Dilemma Edition.” But they could have.

So did product placement Dodge tip the filmmakers about the concept, or did Dodge get the idea from the screenplay for a pretty bad movie?

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