“Mamma Mia 2?”

Well shucks, before this past weekend, I’d not given a thought that might be a sequel even in the works for the all-star, Greek location-filmed adaptation of that big, cheesy ABBA musical, “Mamma Mia.”

But you know, they barely cracked the ABBA songbook with the first film. And even though Meryl Streep NEVER does sequels, and Cher was supposedly retired, the gang’s all back for ouzo and good times in “Mamma Mia 2.”

Apologies if you saw the pirated version of this making the rounds of the Interwebs last weekend before Universal pulled them down. I did. Not that I’m all ABBA on the brain or anything. That’s my story, sticking to it, etc.

Sappy, not a laugh in the trailer. But we’ll see.


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