Tonight’s Screening: “Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets”

Love that Luc Besson, or as he likes to refer to himself, “Monsieur Luc.” As in, “I prefer to produce. Zat way, when dinner time comes, I say to the director, ‘Bon chance,’ and he says, ‘Leaving, Monsieur Luc? But we have hours to film.”

“Not Monsieur Luc.”

Told me that one of the times I’ve interviewed him.

But as a director, he is probably the one guy in Europe with the behind-the-camera clout and the vast team it takes to get something as ambitious as this comic book adaptation on the screen. He’s a justly-celebrated action director. So as odd as the trailers are, promising eye candy and Besson’s famous eye (leer) for young talent (Cara Delevingne, Dane DeHaan) and little else, I’m remembering how low I set the bar for “The Fifth Element,” and was pleasantly surprised.

We’ll see, Monsieur Luc. We shall see. “Valerian” opens July 21. 


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