Box Office: “Despicable” falls off, “Baby Driver” clears $30, “House” and “Beguiled” bomb

me1The long weekend, which stretches into into a midweek holiday with July 4 coming Tuesday, started out more promising for Universal’s “Despicable Me 3.”

Sure, the ads suggested zero laughs, and without the Minions, a “Cars 3” fate awaited.

But a better Friday ensured that it would open bigger than the $65 million “Cars 3” — an animated wake — managed. It’s just that the less than stellar reviews and bad word of mouth depressed the Sunday turnout. A movie projected to pull in $81 million+ fell off to $75 by midnight Sunday.


“Baby Driver,” on the other hand, has bettered early projections and done $30 million since Wed. Expect this one to hold, maybe ring in a few “Fast and Furious” fans who recognize a better car picture when they see one. $27 million was the top end of expectations Sat. AM.

“Transformers 5” plummeted, but barely edged “Wonder Woman” for third place — $17 to $16. Bad movie.

“The Beguiled” wasn’t all that, despite the Coppola Cannes acclaim. And the laughably limp Civil War chiller/thriller didn’t draw a crowd, either. Under $4 million, after opening wider this weekend.

“The House” couldn’t find laughs pairing Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. $9 million is nothing to brag about with an R-rated comedy opening in a marketplace with no competition in that genre.

Next weekend, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” sucks up all the oxygen in the theaters, and we’ll get an idea is “Despicable” and Illumination can out-earn “Cars 3” and Pixar over the long run. “Cars” is over $120 and fading.

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