Box Office: “Suicide” set to tumble, “Sausage Party” on the rise, “Pete’s Dragon”? We’ll see…


So the plunge in “Suicide Squad” has begun. It set the August opening weekend record last Sunday night $135 million, but it was headed towards $144 at one time.

And this weekend, with Thursday night late shows gone, it’s looking like a $44 million weekend. Not terrible, but pretty darned steep for a fall-off.

Late shows last night? They were a big ol'”Sausage Party,” with midnight shows piling up well over $3 million.

The guru predicts it’ll do $24-25, and is projecting something closer to $30 million. An R-rated animated comedy? It could happen.

“Pete’s Dragon” looks like a re-boot whose time hasn’t come. Will it clear $20? For a kids’ film opening in August, not bad. But surely it cost too much to make it to the break even point, based on that. Not a bad movie, reviews will help.

Meryl Streep’s “Florence Foster Jenkins” should find some fans. Mid $teens? Maybe.

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