James Cameron agrees with me about “Force Awakens”

jcglThe weeks of abuse for this review of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” seemed like they would go on forever.

“Glib facsimile” became an Internet meme.

And then, it stopped. Because others came out as thinking the movie was a recycled bore, the same movie as “A New Hope,” only rendered in broad, PC strokes. More inclusive, far less interesting and a lot less fun.

James Cameron is pals with George Lucas, and he’s been caught dancing around saying “It sucked” in an interview that touched on “The Force Awakens.”

I’ve interviewed Cameron a few times, and while he’s thin-skinned about his own movies, he’s a little less so about other people’s projects.

Now granted, Cameron isn’t the most original storyteller (“Terminator” plagiarism, “Avatar” recycling). And he’s a lot more diplomatic than perhaps I was in panning the J.J. Abrams “Star Wars” outing.

But, in essence — an inferior copy of the GLucas original. A “glib facsimile.” There you go.

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