Now everybody realizes “Force Awakens” was a “glib facsimile” of “A New Hope”

First, there was my review, the first widely-published/republished pan of “The Force Awakens,” a review which drew endless comments of abuse and became an Internet Meme. “Glib facsimile.” I own that. Ask anybody.

Then there was this, which backed me up.


Takes like this echoed what I’ve been saying since the couple of weeks I was pretty much a lone voice in the wilderness complaining about this corporate compromise “Star Wars” movie.

And now, somebody’s gone to the trouble of turning the above into a video. Here’s where J.J. Abrams repeated the original film. A LONG video, as they were almost exactly the same movie, rendered politically correct for the times. See below. As the not-late, not-great Nikki Finke used to say, “TOLDYA.”


But wait. James Cameron, who knows a thing or two about the subject, has weighed in as well. 

It got even worse after “Rogue One” came out. Yeah, it’s the best of the current crop of “Star Wars” movies. And it prompted more “Force Awakens Sucks” articles.




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  1. keddaw says:

    The best thing about that video was that there were point during it where I forgot which one was 4 and which as 7.

  2. doombuggy says:

    Quite the touché post.

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