Box Office: “Steve Jobs” underwhelms, “Witch Hunter”, “Kasbah”, “Jem” “Paranormal” tank


A big weekend for big or not-so-big budget bombs. Consider…

Vin Diesel is not a box office star when he’s not behind the wheel of assorted Dodge products. “The Last Witch Hunter” won’t reach the $10 million mark by midnight tonight. Low, even by non-franchise horror picture expectations. Terrible reviews didn’t help, but “Crimson Peak” opened half again as big just a couple of weeks ago.

“Paranormal Activity” has at long last exhausted its one novel idea. A sub-$7 million opening is hardly worth the effort, and it cheated better films out of screens in the process.

“Steve Jobs” has Oscar buzz, but you have to wonder if we’re not just a little fatigued with that subject, too. Seriously. All that heat, all that Sorkin dialogue, that cast and Danny Boyle and 2500 or so screens and all it managed was $7 million? Awards buzz will keep it around, but kiss a big payoff good-bye with that one.

“Rock the Kasbah” reminded us that before Bill Murray was “cool” again, he used to phone in junk like this, and collect the big paychecks. A Barry Levinson flop, terrible reviews across the board, 2000 screens and it didn’t crack the top ten.

“Jem and the Holograms” was a toy in search of a movie, and found zero audience.

“Sicario” is sticking around, “The Martian” is looking like a long-running “Gravity” sized hit (#1 again, over $15 million this weekend, it just cleared $165 domestic. I sense an Oscar nomination or two, simply based on quality and staying power).

“Goosebumps” and “Bridge of Spies” showed modest drop-offs and should stick around until the big Thanksgiving pictures push them aside.

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