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Movie Review: “Bone Tomahawk”

Think of “Bone Tomahawk” as Kurt Russell’s warm-up for his turn as the grizzled Western archetype/anti-hero of Quentin Tarantino’s Christmas gift — “The Hateful 8.” “Bone” is an unflinchingly-violent and stupidly long genre mashup. It’s Tarantino without all the anachronisms … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Rock the Kasbah”

Bill Murray, a funnyman who long ago lost his fastball, was foolish to entrust his “comeback” star-vehicle to screenwriter Mitch Glazer, who never had one. “Rock the Kasbah” is an old school/Old Murray comedy, the type he would have knocked … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Steve Jobs”

With “Steve Jobs,” his effortlessly brilliant portrait of the late Apple visionary, Aaron Sorkin once again upends the equation that points to the director as the most important creative force in a movie. Oscar winner Danny Boyle directed “Jobs.” But … Continue reading

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