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Movie Review: “Experimenter”

Stanley Milgram explored why so many underlings and ordinary citizens of the Nazi regime might have willingly, or reluctantly, “just followed orders” in carrying out the Holocaust. His “Obedience Experiment” became one of the most influential psychological trials in history. … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Tokyo Tribe”

On Tokyo’s “Streets of Fire,” competing gangs brawl, sword-fight and shoot it out as they narrate their own stories and proclaim their own fame, through rap. “Tokyo Tribe” is a hip hop “West Side Story,” set in a “Blade Runner” … Continue reading

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Documentary Review — “Keith Richards: Under the Influence”

Closing in on his 72nd birthday, with decades of Rolling Stones documentaries and interviews behind him, Keith Richards can be excused for repeating himself. Just like your dad, or granddad, he’ll trot out the old stories with a little prodding. … Continue reading

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