Next interview: Questions for Simon Pegg?

pegBritish funnyman Simon Pegg brings a humorous edge to his dark turn as a private eye/hired killer in the Aussie thriller “Kill Me Three Times.”

It’s kind of a “Blood Simple” from Down Under, with a love triangle, crooked cop and murderer for hire all up in each other’s business.

So he’s got the M. Emmett Walsh role.

Pegg has another “Mission: Impossible” movie due out this summer, a third “Star Trek” on the way, lots of other work in the can. Busy lad.

I have some ideas about lines of questioning — the essentials in any hitman’s lifestyle — fu manchu mustache, 1960s Old Toronado — all black wardrobe. You know, stuff that lets him blend in on the edge of the Outback.

And zombie questions. Etc.

But you? Got a suggestion for something you’d like to know about Nick Frost’s friend? Comment below.

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