Box Office: “Fifty Shades” plummets, “Kingsman” drops, “DUFF” passes muster, “Hot Tub” tanks

boxofficeThe HEADLINE here could have read “Spongebob” soaks up $125 million. Because that’s where the kiddie comedy will sit by the end of the weekend. Quite impressive for an overexposed Nickelodeon cartoon shot on the cheap in Georgia. Big hit with LEGS for Antonio Banderas.

But the biggest news is  the STEEP plunge “Fifty Shades of Dull” is rounding up on its second weekend. It opened huge, so it was bound to fall off dramatically.  But over 70%? That’s what I call a Tyler Perry Tumble, 50% being OK, 60% being “We who ignored the critics just realized this movie sucks” and 70% suggesting filmgoers who feel the need to repent and never ever admit they spent their cash on this softcore S & M POS.  It’ll still do $25 million. Unless people get a LOT smarter by Sunday.

The new openings “McFarland, USA” and “The DUFF” are fighting it out for box office position in the $11-11.5 million range. Critically endorsed, a feel good movie and a smart, funny teen romance. And yet more people are still going to “Shades” than either of them.

A pity.

No pity is being shown “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” a cynical dog of a comedy — not laugh free, just dumb and dull.

“American Sniper” continues to make its Oscar case ($318 million and counting). Why not give the Best Picture to a hit? Maybe Bradley Cooper as a dark horse best actor? I doubt it, but it would be a popular choice with the ticket buying public.

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