Got a question for Ryan Phillippe?

phillipeYes, we know who he used to be married to.  But there’s considerably more to Ryan Phillippe than who his ex is.

He’s been in ensemble hits such as “Gosford Park” and “Crash,” “The Bang Bang Club,” “Stop Loss,” he was the villain of “The Lincoln Lawyer.” The guy works. A lot.

He makes his directing debut with a nasty little movie-biz-savvy kidnapping thriller, “Catch Hell,” which he also stars in.

He plays an actor, a bit on the downward side of the career arc, forced to take a job on an indie thriller to be shot in Louisiana. And just as he’s gritting his teeth to get through it, he’s taken hostage, dragged out into the bayou, chained up and tortured.

A comment on movie making in Jindaliana? On the fickle nature of fame? What it takes to get attention these days as an actor?

Questions for Ryan Phillippe? Comment below.


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  1. paticular says:

    I see a real shift in films and film making. Nowadays, it’s all about how close the box office can get to the billion dollar mark and how well a film sells internationally. That leaves very little room for smaller, more character driven films. How does Ryan think this affects being an actor now and in the future? Are films like Catch Hell, which is being released OnDemand as well as a limited theatrical release the way of the future or just an anomaly?

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