Box Office: “Annabelle” and “Gone Girl” — both blockbusters?

box“Gone Girl” has the Oscar hype. “Annabelle” is a reliably scary horror picture.

“Gone Girl” had a good Friday. “Annabelle” had a HUGE Friday.

And now, as the Oscar contender pulled in its huge audience for the weekend on Saturday, and “Annabelle” didn’t tail off as expected, we’ve got a bonafide Box Office race to the finish.

By midnight Sunday, we could be looking at a $37 to $37 million tie.

Not bad. I saw “Annabelle” with an audience of folks young enough to not be jaded by its tired horror tropes and weak acting. They shrieked in all the right places. It works. Simple effects, simple frights, yeah we have our umpeenth haunted doll story (“The Simpsons” made fun of that chestnut on a “Halloween Treehouse of Horror” episode in the early ’90s).

But people are getting their shrieks out.

“Left Behind” isn’t drawing the Rapture crowd the way the people who can Nic Cage in the lead expected. That audience is staying home, watching church and Ebola Scares on Fox News.

“Boxtrolls” is having a big second weekend, “Equalizer” didn’t fall off as much as it should have. “Maze Runner” is still in the top five and turning into a franchise.


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