Box Office: “Gone Girl” could hit $35, “Annabelle” $21

boxBased on late night Thursday and all-day Friday returns, we’re looking at a  big weekend for a thriller pitched as a possible Oscar contender, and a solid opening for a no budget horror flick that works well enough.

“Gone Girl” is riding the hype machine and good reviews (metacritic) over $30 million, according to Saturday will be the key. The curiosity factor — Ben Affleck’s full frontal (fleeting) — may help drive this.

“Annabelle,” a horror film with Alfre Woodard in a key supporting role (biggest name in the cast), looks to clear $20 million, and do “Conjuring” if not “Insidious” business.

“Left Behind” seems to be having a hard time keeping up. Terrible reviews aren’t helping this Rapture Remake. People prefer Kirk Cameron’s version? Maybe $5-8 million.

“The Good Lie” opens in limited release and Warners expects a healthy $2-3 million on that one.

“Gone Girl” should swipe most of the audience from “The Equalizer,” but Denzel’s crowd may have some late arrivals — a $12-14 take is expected.

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