“No Good Deed” — how BAD is it?

deedScreen Gems, which tends to cower rather than preview most of its releases, is being unusually Screen Gems-ish about “No Good Deed,” a thriller with Idris Elba as the possible home invader and Taraji P. Henson as a woman he terrorizes.

Screen Gems would not show it well in advance. They only scheduled screenings of it on Wed. night, tonight.

This AM, I get notice that they have suddenly and abruptly canceled those. Nationwide, they claim.

“Plot twist protection” they give as their excuse. No studio EVER does that. Maybe an email to critics asking us not to give this or that away (“Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” was one time that happened).

Damaged goods that won’t be helped by reviewers reporting that is far more likely. They never hide a movie they’re proud of. UPDATE: They have even canceled the Thursday night paid showings of this that Fandango was advertising Tuesday and Wed. Man.

This is a bush league move by Screen Gems. They’ve marked their film (again) as cursed before it even opens. Considering how rarely they preview their product, thus staining every film they release as crap before anybody’s seen it, you’d think they’d catch on.

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