Scar-Jo blows up the Box Office: “Lucy” is a smash

What the what?

Scarlett Johansson, once mocked by a producer of”The Island” for NOT being box office enough to get a sci-fi film off the ground, Woody Allen’s fixation for a few years, new Avenger and now — newly crowned BOX OFFICE QUEEN?

box“Lucy,” a loopy/crazy/cool bit of sci-fi that has her playing a kidnapped woman drugged into a super-avenger state when the drugs she’s forced to carry in her gut leak and make her Super Scar-Jo,” is blowing the roof off a desultory summer at the box office.

Friday’s numbers suggest this passably-reviewed Luc Besson thriller, the one with Lucy the primate scenes, and animals attack nature footage interspersed with the fictional action, will clear $40 million by midnight Sunday. Close to $45, says.

Will wonders never cease?

She’s in “Chef,” the sleeper hit of the summer. “Under the Skin” was daring. She made “Her” work. Girlfriend is in the zone. Raises for her manager and agent.

“Hercules,” the Brett Ratner bore starring a bored Dwayne Johnson, looks to reach $30 million.

“Magic in the Moonlight” isn’t opening wide yet, and may not warrant a wider opening, thanks to a poor opening weekend.

“A Most Wanted Man,” the best reviewed wide release, (not that wide) is doing respectable numbers.

“Apes” is closing in on $175 and should fall short of $200, by the time it finishes its run. The steam is running out.

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2 Responses to Scar-Jo blows up the Box Office: “Lucy” is a smash

  1. S. Wolf says:

    “Scar-Jo”? Who comes up with these silly names? Or, is it asking too much to show her respect by typing out her actual name?

    • I can’t take the credit for coining that one, but since film fans know who I am talking about, and her bloody name has too many…letters…let’s go with the diminutive. Just for fun.

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