MGM back in the game, with a new infusion of cash?


MGM, the studio Louis Mayer led to glory in the 30s, 40s and 50s, has long been Hollywood’s version of Broadway, a “fabulous invalid” always on life support, in and out of comas, selling off its backlot, back catalog, what have you, along the way.

They’ve mined their inventory for some clever remakes — “The Thomas Crown Affair” being the most famous. They have a “Robocop” remake in the works.

But for years, their one saving grace — the thing that kept Leo the Lion on screens — was a property that the merged MGM-UA held, James Bond films.

With Mr. Bond pulling in over $300 million US, and a staggering total overseas, with “Skyfall,” suddenly MGM is worth pouring another $650 million into. Did these financiers miss “Red Dawn”?

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