Jessica Chastain as “Miss Julie”? Yes, a Liv Ullman film co-starring Colin Farrell

Hollywood isn’t exactly beating down the doors to make movies of August Strindberg plays. But Liv Ullman, muse to the late Ingmar Bergman, wants to direct a film of the Swede’s most famous play, “Miss Julie.” She’s got Colin Farrell as the first “name” to nudge it forward.

And the newly anointed Queen of Quality Screen Time, Jessica Chastain will take the title role, according to The Wrap.

Chastain has gone from strength to strength, since bursting out of Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life.” An Oscar nomination for “The Help,” “The Debt,” “an Oscar nomination for this year’s “Zero Dark Thirty” (a role she landed when Rooney Mara bailed out), even “Mama” didn’t miss a beat. She’s en fuego.

“Miss Julie” has been adapted to the screen before, either directly or metaphorically (I saw a short a few years ago, set in the American South and based on the play). It is the only play of Strindberg’s that even people who see a lot of theater can boast of having seen.


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