Disney’s 2014 film “1952” is now titled “Tomorrowland”

The back story to Disney’s Brad Bird film “1952” is that there was this fanciful, predict-the-future box of plans, notes, etc. from Walt Disney that had that year scribbled on its lid which Disney folks found after his death.

George Clooney was signed up to star in the secretive project, an alien encounter tale supposedly set way back when, whose title today  changed to “Tomorrowland.”

Here’s my speculation on what that title change suggests about the plot.

It’s about a guy — let’s call him “Walt” — who has a close encounter, and who then acts on this encounter, creating a theme park and vision of the future built around what he’s been shown/told. Or tries to. Then, he dies and Michael Eisner et al turn EPCOT into a Michael Jackson attraction and over-priced turkey leg restaurant.

“Tomorrowland” comes our way in Dec. of next year.

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