EXCLUSIVE: Rooney Mara also fails to talk Soderbergh out of retiring

ImageSteven Soderbergh’s retiring. There’s no getting around it. But people like me keep asking those who work with the director what they’re doing to talk him out of it.

Matt Damon, an old Soderbergh pal and collaborator, said “If you know Steven, he’s a serious guy. And he’s serious about it. So there’s no talking him out of it.”

Gina Carano, the mixed martial arts star of “Haywire” said “He’s not going to change his mind, so I barely even brought it up.” Come on, she didn’t threaten to kick his butt if he went through with it?

“Naah,” she laughed. “But it occurred to me.”

It also occurred to Channing Tatum, whose stock has risen since Soderbergh put him in “Haywire,” “Magic Mike” and “Side Effects,” which opens Feb. 8. “But if you have to force him, well…He’s going away for a while. I expect he’ll come back.”

And Rooney Mara, another star of “Side Effects,” added this in a chat we had last weekend.

“I’d like to take credit for driving him into retirement. Clearly. I knew about it. I asked him, probed him. I did what I could, but clearly he’s made up his mind. He’s not the kind of person to just say something for effect. He’s made a very thoughtful decision for himself.

It’s totally sad. Maybe he’ll come back some day. For now, the next long while, he’s just going to create in other ways. You get to know him, you see how this is going to happen. I think everyone’s going to let him do his thing.”


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