J.J. Abrams piles onto Lance Armstrong — options a Lance movie


J.J. Abrams wants to tell the sordid tale of Lance Armstrong, Just Another Cheater From Texas.

OK, that’s MY title. Abrams (“Super 8/”Star Trek”) could do a film based on Armstrong’s sullen early years racing, his battle with cancer, his miraculous comeback and ascent to the podium — winning all those Tour de France titles.

He’s basing it on an upcoming book on the cyclist, a complete history of his infamy – “Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong.”

Interestingly, all the TV and radio (NPR) newscasts interviewed the British journalist who spent so much effort and took so much heat — direct abuse from Armstrong — in trying to expose him over the years, is NOT the person whose work Abrams has optioned. David Walsh was his name. He picked a New York Times writer with enough — but not nearly as many — years on the beat.

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