Box Office: “Mama” is kicking Ahhhh-nuld’s Austrian arse

BIG Friday and early Saturday for “Mama,” the better-than-average horror film starring Jessica Chastain, a couple of pitiful little girls and the “thing” they would rather call Mama than Jessica Chastain.

Some $10 million Friday alone.

That suggests Jessica will beat her own Oscar contender at the box office — “Zero Dark Thirty” will do better Sat. and Sunday, but it looks like “Mama” will clear $20 and “Zero” will be mid-teens.

“The Last Stand” did a measly $2 million — hey Arnie — those are Streisand “Guilt Trip” numbers.

Funny thing, when I posted my review of “Last Stand,” I was the first to slap down this retro actioner down. It had a 100% rating from assorted critics — early posters. I got a bit of snarky hate mail. Now? Not so much. Beaten down to “Rotten” territory.

Pity that didn’t happen with “Django,” but hey — some people’s kids.

“Broken City” will be lucky to pull in $10 million. Mark Wahlberg’s quest to “own” (my word) MLK Weekend at the movies –– year over year — fails.

“Django,” “Les Miz,” still doing decent business in the middle of the box office pack.

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