Box Office: “Zero Dark Thirty” opens well, “Gangster Squad” not so much

Marlon Wayans (my interview with him in here) is back in the Scary Movie business, even if he doesn’t get to call it a “Scary Movie.” “A Haunted House” (review here) opened #2 at the box office this weekend, a healthy $18 million for a played out genre comedy giving a black and comic spin to the “Paranormal Activity” movies.

That’s the news this weekend. “Zero Dark Thirty” did a healthy but not spectacular $24.5 — good, for a movie as long as it is, as serious as it is, with zero star power. Thank the Oscars for that. Oscar bumps also turned up for “Life of Pi,” “Lincoln” and the under-performing “Silver Linings Playbook,” which could use the money.”Django Unchained” had a box office bump in reverse — it lost another 25-30% of its last-weekend audience. But it didn’t really need the “bump.”

“Gangster Squad” should have opened at $25-30. It did $17, and came in behind “A Haunted House,” a bit of a humiliation for Warner Brothers.

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