The telephone voice of Harvey Weinstein in “She Said,” was it this guy?

We know that the many threatening phone calls recreated for the new drama about the Harvey Weinstein serial sexual assaults scandal “She Said” aren’t actual recordings of the Miramax/Weinstein Co. chief yelling “WHO did you talk to? Was it Gwyneth?” It isn’t Weinstein himself.

But damn, that guy sounds JUST like him. Who could it be? A gifted mimic who took on the assignment? Or somebody the film’s producers knew and/or heard could do a spot-on, blustering, bellowing King of Hollywood imitation?

I stayed through the film’s credits to see if that actor might be identified. No. I did a quick online search which also turned up nothing.

As picking out famous voices, even ones disguised in portraying someone else, is kind of my superpower (public radio veteran), I concentrated every time I heard the film’s Weinstein and picked out what I think was the unmistakable timbre, pitch and Weinsteinish edge of this actor turned actor-director.

Usually, he works for Disney and Marvel, and this was a Universal production. So maybe not. But there are any number of reasons for not wanting “credit” in the film, as he made movies for Harvey and had plenty of first hand knowledge of the voice.

And he sounds like Weinstein already. Could it be the “Chef” pictured below?


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