Today’s DVD donation? “Sexual Drive” arrives at the Altamonte Springs, FL library

I didn’t get around to reviewing this one. Not a fresh title, arrived unsolicited by mail, Japanese, a trio of short stories about sex and food, reviewing seemed pointless and labor intensive.

And I have hesitated to palm it off on any of the scores of public libraries I visit, stop by to write in or simply pass by because few if any would put this in their stacks for fear of conservative county commissioners backlash.

Especially in Florida.

But I will make an exception in this case. The Altamonte Springs Library is in the old Altamonte Hotel, a repurposed single story structure in this old Orlando suburb.

And it has the most uncomfortable seating of any library I have ever been to, and I’ve frequented hundreds of them over the years.

Fifteen minutes of sitting in these high chair torture devices and you’re doubled over in pain for hours. You walk in and see others sitting on the floor, outside, anywhere rather than risk back injury on these Banned in Guantanamo gadgets that even Taco Bell, which wants patrons tonLeave in seven minutes or less, turned down.

So, add it to your collection, sell it at a book sale (to pay for new chairs) or toss it, Altamonte Springs.

Movie Nation, adding cinema variety to libraries all over the Southeast, one DVD, one library at a time.



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