Movie Review: “The Wicked One” gives birth to “Wicked Ones”

Was there a groundswell of support welling up for a sequel to 2017’s D-movie slasher pic, ”The Wicked One?” Asking for a friend.

Still, here it is, “Wicked Ones.” Hell, it’s not like these nice folks had better things to do in the interim, is there? And there’s always an audience for the “so bad it’s a good…or a potential drinking game” horror movie. It’s a genre where the cheese never spoils. Apparently.

So here we go, back to Carpenter Falls where our “Wicked One” masked serial killer is apparently not dead, and apparently played by Richard Leon Hunt this time.

Years have passed, and now he’s not just back, he’s got masked cosplayer killers (Roni Jonah and Jason Crowe) emulating his butchery.

A survivor (Katie Stewart) from the killing spree years ago accompanies her husband and kids back to town. Her son’s in a band, her daughter’s a groupie for another member of the band. But the place has bad memories for her.

A local cop (James Tackett) never let go of the old “Colin Miller” case.

Let the sad, seriously over-acted slaughter start.

The actors often sound off mike, which does really bad performances no favors. The killings are drably set-up and staged and the script sounds like an incel’s idea of how horny teenagers about to be stabbed talk dirty to each other. I’d quote from it but it’s utterly unquotable.

Director and co-writer Tory Jones opens his picture with a painfully inept podcast interview, setting an amateurish tone that the picture never shakes.

If indeed anybody “demanded” this sequel, leave it to them, I say. Life is too short to watch awful movies not awful enough to be laughed at.

Rating: unrated, graphic violence, sexual situations, profanity

Cast: Katie Stewart, Richard Leo Hunt, Skyler Guthrie, Dale Miller, James Tackett, Brandi Botkin, Roni Jonah and Jason Crowe.

Credits: Directed by Tory Jones, scripted by Tory Jones and Nathan Thomas Milliner. A WildEye release.

Running time: 1:44

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