BOX OFFICE: “Morbius” sucks some $39 million out of its opening weekend

A $17 million Friday (and late Thursday) got Marvel/Sony’s “Morbius” off on the right foot. It didn’t quite hit the $41 million predicted, based on that healthy start. But for a “Marvel adjacent” non MCU movie, that’s not bad.

Sony can call that a “win” and move on. Reviews were brutal, but who cares as long as that much-delayed dog is off the shelf and in the books.

A solid second weekend for “The Lost City,” still the best “date movie” in theaters at the moment. Paramount picked up another $14.8 million, clearing the $54 million mark, on its way to about $75-80 million domestic, when all is said and done.

“The Batman” pulled in a robust $10.8 million or so five weekends deep into its release. By Tuesday it will clear the $350 million mark at the North American box office.

Another $3.6 million in ticket sales for the franchise starter “Uncharted.” It’ll clear $140 million before next weekend.

Spider-Man: No Way Home” rolled up another $1.4 million, which lifted it clear of the $800 million mark it passed last week. $802 now.

“Dog” has proven to be a family-friendly dramedy with legs, and a tail. It picked up another $1.3 million, cleared the $60 million mark and may top out in the $70 range before the movies of summer chase it away.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is doing great business on just 38 screens in the largest cities — over $1 million, with a $26K per screen average. You’re going to want to see that.

A24’s other release at the moment, “X,” didn’t do nearly the money that a horror story set in “Chainsaw” country with a ’70s porn subtext should have. It also earned $1.2 million, and stands at just $10 million. Where’d the horror audience go?

“Sing 2” enjoys the last of its long, exclusive run as the only animated picture to take kids to with another $830K, with over $161 million US and closing in on $400 million global.

The blizzard survival drama “Infinite Storm” melted down to a mere $278K or so. It’s earned $1.3 million. Better than nothing, but not much, a decent movie that never found its audience.

The Outfit” deserved better, too. A Mark Rylance gangland period piece with a tailoring subtext? A good movie that earned just $140K this weekend, and won’t reach the $4 million mark in theaters ($3.2 or so now).

And the Hawaiian feel-good documentary/biography “Waterman” did $20,000. Find a way to see that one. It’s lovely.

Figures from Exhibitor Relations (@ERCBoxoffice and Box Office Pro (@Boxofficepro).

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