Movie Preview: Mel Gibson plays a “black out drunk” actor accused of murder in “Last Looks”

We all know who and what Mel Gibson is, has been and can be. There’s a reason he was “canceled” and shows up in C-movies and bit parts in Bs like this one.

I take something more like a Jodie Foster “That’s not ALL that he is” approach to him. She was loyal and more considered in her response to his behavior. I remember Robert Downey Jr. telling me in an interview related to the movie that brought him back from addiction and the tomb Hollywood had consigned him to, “The Singing Detective.” Nobody would hire him, but out of the blue and at the future Iron Man’s darkest hour, “Mel calls me up and says, ‘I’ve got this movie I’m gonna make. And you’re gonna star in it.”

You have GOT to hear the accent, the “Three Musketeers” Van Dyke, the nutso “Playing more of myself than I should” vibe that Gibson brings to this action comedy, “Last Looks,” which streams/premieres Feb. 4.

Charlie Hunnam’s the burnout hired to help “explain” or clear the man, with Lucy Fry, Morena Baccarin, Dominic Monaghan, Method Man and Clancy Brown also in the cast. This looks kind of nuts, or at least twisted.

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