Disney’s Next “Star Wars” spinoffs?

The gold mine that George Lucas first tunneled keeps paying benefits to the House of Mouse that bought it, which has found leftover value in the whole bounty hunter supporting character thing with “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett,” in addition to animated takes on clones and the further adventures of heroes that Lucas created a long time ago in a Hollywood far, far way.

Which makes one wonder who else Disney and Jon Favreau will turn into streaming series sure to please the fans and become another hit on the pipe Lucas first lit way back when?

A few ideas…

“Jawa Jive” –– The runty, dangerous but adorable desert scavengers let their cowls down for an Inside the Crawler series on scrapping and scrappiness. Think “Minions” meets “Sanford & Son!” Think of the TOY sales!

“Lando the Rising Son: The Calrissian Chronicles” — We learn about earlier hijinks and seductions of the smooth and suave hustler, fighter and lover of a “galaxy far, far away.”

“Young Leia: An Alderaan Quincenera” — See the Princess before she earned her buns!

“Cantina Band on the Run” — Follow the plucky musicians of the “Star Wars” universe as they scramble from Mos Eisley to Mos Epsos and every Mos in between, playing their One Hit Wonder hit, bitching with their slippery, unsympathetic manager, preferably played by Mos Def.

“The Reeducation of Jar Jar Binks” — A “misunderstood” hero, an unfairly criticized racist caricature, Jar Jar starts over slinging drinks in a swampy Dagobah saloon, the watering hole where Yoda knocked back Singapore Slings, laying low, waiting for his final student to make an untimely appearance.

“Greedo’s First Move” — A Bob Odenkirk “Nobody” take on the hapless “also-ran” of Bounty Hunters, an under-estimated Inspector Clouseau that is actually a pretty dangerous dude when he’s cornered and actually gets to take the first shot.

“Call Me Mister Hutt!” — The slimy formative years of a Tatooine kingpin, back when Jabba was svelte and Tony Soprano-hungry, a gangster on the make.

Yes, you read’em all here first. Have at it, Brother Favreau.

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