“Reformed” HFPA announces Golden Globe Noms

Well, Lady Gaga got some love, voters remembered Jessica Chastain’s Tammy Faye Baker turn.

And they think “Dune” and “Power of the Dog” are best pic worthy.

Wait, these guys lost their TV deal in a corruption, racism and sexism scandal. Do they even matter any more? Or matter even less than they used to?

“Don’t Look Up” doesn’t belong on this list, no “Respect” but love for “Cyrano?”

“Annette” is wholly forgotten, hard to summon up much love for “I’m the Heights” either.


Weak animation field, Almodovar has to have the inside track on best foreign language film in that group.

DeBose and Ciaran Hinds, or do they love Ben?

Are we even paying that much attention to the Globes noms now? So many questions.

Two lists that look the way the Oscar field might, but no love for Ridley Scott?

So that’s all they recognized from “Respect,” not that it’s all that. But that “musical or comedy” field is pretty thin.

The TV field is even less relevant, simply because the “Globes” don’t influence the Emmys.

Remember, these clowns lost their TV show. So this all the oxygen I’m giving them. They went through the motions, so did I.

Ho hum, Golden Globes. Ho hum.

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