Box Office: Will “Kong” club “Logan?”


It’s the second weekend for the last hurrah of The Wolverine. But “Logan” has some beefy competition this time around. So anything like a 50% drop off from “Logan” leaves the door open for “Kong: Skull Island.”

“Get Out” is holding more than 50% weekend to weekend — a slow drop off, rather than fall off the cliff precipitous. So “Logan,” riding great reviews and a lot of fan interest, could win another weekend. I don’t sense the world is craving another King Kong movie, this one an “Apocalypse Now” homage.

Box Office Mojo figures that $46 million is coming Kong’s way, and that should better “Logan” on its second weekend.

But the Box Office Guru thinks “Kong” will top out closer to $40 million and will lose to “Logan.”

Either way, “Get Out” should make another $20 million.


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