Thanksgiving Box Office: “Moana” mows down all in her path

moana1Disney’s “Moana” is threatening the “Frozen” holiday opening weekend record with a blockbusting Tuesday night/Wed. — well over $15 million, just a tad over what “Frozen” did on its opening Wednesday on the way to setting the Thanksgiving weekend box office record.

“Frozen” did over $93 million in a Wed-Sunday opening just a couple of years back. And frankly, “Moana” is a whole lot better, even if there’s no “Let It Go” among its songs.

But “Trolls” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” will suck some of the icing off that cake. Still, don’t be surprised if the Polynesian pixie who matures into a warrior/leader breaks the record and threatens the $100 million mark.

“Allied” cost $85 million. Hey, faking WWII digitally (and on a few exotic locations) and paying Brad Pitt to make out with Marion Cotillard is pricey. Reviews are mixed, at best. Will it break even?

Opening five day weekend numbers look like a solid $18-19 million, suggesting it’ll top out at maybe $50, 55. Pitt’s an older star (made to look a lot younger here) and it’s an old fashioned (corny) story. This won’t do “Fury” numbers, but it will break even and thenm some internationally.

Warren Beatty’s box office days passed him by while he was fretting away about what to do after “Reds.” Thirty-plus years ago, in other words. His limp, misshapen “Rules Don’t Apply” is bombing on 1100 screens. Under $3 million over 5 days. Eighty year olds aren’t a draw at the movies.

“Bad Santa 2” is doing a smidge better on more screens. Billy Bob cussing should rake in another $8-9 million of holiday abusing cheer.


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