Box Office: Girl Powered “Cinderella” blows up, “Run All Night” has legs.

boxGeorge Lucas was once quoted as saying “Figure out what 11 year old girls want, and you’re set for life.” Or words to that effect.

That’s certainly true in the land of Disney Princesses. “Cinderella” opened huge Friday and seems headed for a $70 million weekend.

Sure, it’s a laugh-starved, stately stiff of a movie. Reviews were respectful (I thought it a 2 hour bore), but unless word of mouth pounds it, and little girls don’t tweet hate like teen girls do, it will perform.

Liam Neeson has one more “hard man rescues his kid” thriller in him as “Run All Night” jogs to a respectable $11-12 million.

The new film with the killer per screen average is TWC/Radius’s “It Follows,” a horror film that will only see limited release before switching to VOD. That’s a mistake. It’s good, it’ll draw since the word is out. The Weinsteins, leaving box office money on the table? They’re losing their touch.

The crappy “Chappie” is falling off, and the Vince Vaughn comedy “Unfinished Business” has fallen off the table.

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