Box Office: “Fury” opens big, “Book of Life” solid, “Best of Me” is the End of Nicholas Sparks movies?

boxThe David Ayer/Brad Pitt/Shia/Michael Pena combat movie “Fury” is blowing away the competition this weekend at the box office.

Well, maybe that’s an overstatement. It’s not doing blockbuster numbers, or horror blockbuster numbers even. Based on late Thursday and all-day Friday, it’ll clear $25 million by midnight Sunday. “Gone Girl” did over $35 in opening, remember?

But that movie appealed to more than just guys.

“Gone Girl” is still #2, with the animated “Book of Life,” another very good toon opening to less than Dreamworks/Pixar/Disney numbers. Only the $teens. I hope Saturday does better for it. It’s lovely, original, a delight.

“The Best of Me” didn’t cost much, and it won’t earn a lot. Even by Nicholas Sparks adaptation standards, it’s an under-performer. Poor reviews won’t help it clear $12 million.

“Birdman,” perhaps the most critically acclaimed movie of the year, is earning some $90K per screen in limited release. Expect that one to roll out wider in the next few weeks and stick around until Oscar time.

“Dear White People” is riding swell reviews to second place in the per-screen average race. It looks to earn over $33,000 per screen in limited release. Bill Murray’s “St. Vincent” opens a little wider and is doing OK, not great, in limited release.

“Meet the Mormons” and “Addicted” and “Dracula Untold” have dropped after their opening weekends, and dropped far more than “The Judge,” which is holding audience well.

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