Box Office: “No Good Deed” opens well, “Dolphin” floats, “Guardians” clears $300

boxThe biggest box office news is that “Guardians of the Galaxy” finally cleared $300 million, a week after the summer ended. It is the biggest US hit of the year, now.

Not that it won this weekend. Oh no, the Idris Elba beats up, chokes and kills women thriller “No Good Deed” did over $8 on Friday, which means it will fall short of his “Obsessed” success ($27 million opening) but should make in the $22-24 range, unless audiences come to their senses on Saturday. Bad movie, bad reviews, bad timing for the release, too.

“Dolphin Tale 2” earned mixed-to-decent reviews, but being a repeat of the first film, it is probably not clearing $17 this weekend. Been there, seen that.

“Atlas Shrugged 3” is doing even worse than the first two Ayn Rand adaptations of this libertarian’s wet dream novel — barely even in the top 20.

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