Box Office: “Boyhood” opens HUGE…on five screens, “Apes” clears $70 mill


boys“Transformers” fell off 55% in its second weekend, not a bad “hold” as they say. So it cleared the $200 million mark this weekend.

It may catch “Maleficent (over $221 and counting) by next weekend.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” did a franchise-respectable $73 million or so, based on Thursday night (weak), Friday (strong) and Saturday (decent) numbers. Reviews might have helped. Overall, quite good.

“Begin Again” doubled its number of screens and cracked the top ten.

“Jersey Boys” lost half its theaters and will fall out of the top ten next weekend.

“America” made another $2.4 million on a thousand screens.

But the big winner at the box office this has to be IFC’s “Boyhood,” which earned $64,000 $71,800 per screen, on just five top market screens. A nearly three hour long film about growing up sold out pretty much all weekend in NYC, in other words. That $72K per screen feels like a record, to me. Is it? I will ask around.

Roll it out to say 100-150 theaters and it’ll earn back its budget ($5 million) within a few weeks (it won’t earn $72K per screen nationwide, no matter how much hype backs it.).

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