Will J.J. Abrams bring his “Star Trek” touch to “Star Wars”?

star_wars_logo_640_large_verge_medium_landscapeThe Wrap is reporting that J.J. Abrams will do what no one has done before — cross-pollinate the “Star Wars/Star Trek” fan-verses by being the first filmmaker to do both a couple of “Trek” films, and a “Star Wars” film.

That seems like something a fan would post as a hopeful trial balloon. But with Disney having the rights to the George Lucas money-minter now, why wouldn’t they go for a big name like Abrams, a gunslinger with a dazzling record, to helm a film?

They could make him the producer and let him oversee the films, picking directors, casting it, etc., and that would be just as good as having him directing.

Either way, this seems too good to be true and thus a smidge far-fetched. The mother of all trial balloons. But we’ll see.

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