Chinese edit “Skyfall” — “Evil Empire” du Jour took offense at…something

What I was saying about this New York Times story the other day re: China’s involvement in/censorship of Hollywood product continues to bear fruit.

Even James Bond, who didn’t do much that would offend Chinese sensibilities in “Skyfall,” has fallen victim, according to THR. They messed around with dialogue/subtitles and subtexts about crime and corruption in China in the film when it was shown there.

Granted, the REST of the world saw it the way it was intended. But what are the chances that Sony-owned Sony Pictures won’t flinch the next time an editorial decision like this comes up, knowing how the Chinese frown on criticism of Communist China?

Sorry if I sound like an old school Red Baiter here, but this isn’t any different from Japan’s refusal to acknowledge guilt for World War II, the Rape of Nanjing, and other pieces of actual history, things edited or suppressed when a movie like “The Last Emperor” or “Flowers of War” come out.

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