BOX OFFICE: “Free Guy” has free rein, “Reminiscence” BOMBS

The dog days of August, traditionally the cinema’s dumping ground for dogs, is the first stretch of the movie calendar to return to “normal.”

“The Night House” got good reviews and didn’t do diddly with the horror fangirls and fanboys. Just under “The Protege.” I’m gonna say it, “too smart for the target audience.” No slaughter, no T & A. Serious female lead — Rebecca Hall — and they couldn’t be bribed into theaters.

“The Protege” was a Maggie Q star vehicle. Not great. Just under $3. Maggie Q has been a grand supporting player in action pix. Cannot carry one, especially one she didn’t wholly commit to. Middling performance.

And “Reminisce” a traditional Warner Brothers throw-a-lot-of money at a big name and give a contract director a petard to hoist herself on bomb, did a piddling $2 million. Lisa Joy of the hyped to heck “Westworld” was behind this. Got handed her head.

The TV cartoon amped up for the big screen, “Paw Patrol,” did over $13. Does that mean I need to review it?

No, not a good weekend for women in the movie biz. Two female star vehicles and a big budget writer director debut debacle.

But August, amIright?

That leaves the field clear for Ryan Reynolds and “Free Guy” which wanted over $18 in it’s second weekend.

“Suicide Squad” lost a thousand screens and fell off the map. Didn’t cost James Gunn any Twitter followers, but his cachet got a serious swat on the bottom.

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