“Blade Runner: 2049” — Boy, it sure looks and sounds right

There’s no way Harrison Ford could have guessed that any of the roles he took on in the late ’70s on into the ’80s would turn out to be iconic in their genres.

Yeah, Indiana Jones had to feel like a franchise, right from the start. But “Blade Runner”? The shelf life of that sci-fi noir dystopia has been stunning and unexpected.

Here’s the trailer to the new Ridley Scott produced/Denis Villeneuve-directed sequel, with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford on an empty, dusty post-Climate Change Earth where “replicants” are still a problem. Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, a pretty big cast with some pretty big names will bring this horrific near-future vision to life.

No, Vangelis didn’t do the score to this one (that’s his music on the trailer, though). But Philip K. Dick lives! “Blade Runner: 2049” — next fall.


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