Box Office: Can “Ghostbusters” break $50 million?

boxThis weekend’s box office should revolve around a second round of “The Secret Life of Pets.” It got decent enough reviews (I was in the minority not caring for it, but not in the TINY minority). It’s packed them in all week and could pull in another $50 million+ this weekend, per Box Office Guru.

But the real question mark is how much bang is there in a “Ghostbusters” reboot?

The Guru figures the distaff pseudo-scientists should curry $47 million from audiences. Not 3D, so besting a kiddie cartoon seems out of the question. “Pets” seems to have legs.

Decent enough reviews will help. It’s a safe PG-13, stars women and seems like a “safe space” of a movie because of that. How much of an audience there is for this proven brand is anybody’s guess. Pre-sales give it a shot at surpassing “Pets.”  Box Office Mojo guesses $46 million. guesses $46 million. 

Nobody is expecting much of anything from the Bryan Cranston undercover drug wars thriller “The Infiltrator.” It’s on a lot of screens, but looks to be lost in the flurry of “Ghostbuster” attentions. Maybe $4-6 million, the Guru and Box Office Mojo project. Cranston is getting a lot of movie attention for a cable TV star. That may wind down after this. His audience doesn’t go out. It watches TV.



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