Box Office: Does “Ghostbusters'” $45 million opening make it a flop?


OK, so the headier speculation about the rebooted “Ghostbusters” has created dashed hopes.

It won’t hit $50 million at the box office on its opening weekend, despite advance ticket sales that suggested it might.

It won’t really challenge a somewhat depleted “Secret Life of Pets” on its second weekend. “Pets” is underperforming by a smidge. It should have lost no more than 50% of its opening weekend audience, being a tiny tykes cartoon. And it did. It will hit $50 million. Maybe. It was off 60% Friday. Saturday will be the key.

So the distaff “Ghostbusters” speculation now turns to “Is $45 million (if indeed it maintains that pace) enough to warrant rebooting the whole franchise?”

The movie cost $144 million, after all. So opening at $45 means it’ll manage half that — if it is lucky — the second weekend, and fall off steeply after that. Maybe $100-$110 million in North American ticket sales. Those are “Angry Birds” numbers. Not great.

A flop? Not exactly. But close. A funnier screenplay would have helped, as they were already spending all that money on cast (NOT on the villain, NOT on the two current SNL starlets) and effects.

“The Infiltrator” opened Wed. and bombed. It will have $6 million in the bank by midnight Sunday, and that’s not enough to suggest Bryan Cranston should do anything other than prestige pictures (“Trumbo”) and cable.

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6 Responses to Box Office: Does “Ghostbusters'” $45 million opening make it a flop?

  1. Keith says:

    I didn’t know what to expect. I do know the movie is not that good. You’re right, the script is the culprit. I’m surprised at the number of critics who seem to be giving it a pass. It isn’t much more than normal lightweight popcorn movie fare.

  2. chris says:

    A flop? hardly. Even without China it is currently looking to make a decent profit. It just isn’t looking to be the mega blockbuster hit that they would have hoped for initially but that was expected after the negative reception since it’s announcement up until release. If they manage to get it released in china then they will be laughing to the bank.

    • zzz says:

      lol it floped lik mad

      • It will hit $100 million by this coming Thursday, top out in the $120-140 range, just in the US. It may be in the ballpark of breaking even. That doesn’t constitute a flop. “Warcraft” is a flop. “The Infiltrator.” “Ice Age: Collision Course.” Real flops lose a third or more of their investment.

  3. Carlos Crag says:

    The whole point of an investment is to make money, not to break even and just get it back. That constitutes a flop. And they won’t be making a sequel. Sequels generally make less, and they won’t risk it. Thank goodness!

    • Plenty of under-performers earn sequels. “Neighbors,” to name a recent example. I have no dog in this fight, but a lot of the abuse thrown at this film seems over the top and irrational. I could see them making a sequel if they reach break-even before it streams/heads to cable. Even if it just gets close. “Brand” is everything, and now the brand is back and re-established. Very close to $100 million by Friday. $110-120 by Sunday. Domestic. We’ll see.

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