Today’s Interview: Got Questions for Mia Wasikowska?

ImageShe dazzled in “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Kids are All Right.” She’s the formidable teen presence anchoring “Stoker” — a girl you don’t want to mess with.

There was “Jane Eyre,” “Restless,” “Lawless.”

Mia Wasikowska is definitely an acting force to be reckoned with. I’m talking with her about “Stoker,” the Chan-Wook Park thriller that has her playing the girl who becomes obsessed with the suspicious uncle (Matthew Goode) who comes to live with her and her mom (Nicole Kidman) after her father dies.

Got questions for Mia? Always looking for a new line of inquiry. Please post them as comments below.

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8 Responses to Today’s Interview: Got Questions for Mia Wasikowska?

  1. darwin says:

    Were there any funny incidents on the Stoker set?
    What are her upcoming projects?

  2. Lucas says:

    There is a scene in Stoker wich is rather sexual and intimate; with nudity involved. Are you comfortable with those kind of scenes?

  3. Nathan says:

    Do you have any recent fave books?
    How long before a scene goes on are you familiar with the set?

  4. JFCMovies says:

    Hope nobody minds a three-parter:
    1. Do you continue to play the piano even after Stoker wrapped?
    2. What was it like meeting Robyn Davidson on the set of Tracks?
    3. Have you begun production on Madame Bovary?


  5. Nathan says:

    What does she think of in cold readings? How does she deal with stage directions when she reads? Do you plan ahead (that’s kind of similar to the last one in the other post sorry)?

    Thank you-!

  6. Greg Brian says:

    Three question redux:
    1. Would you consider resuming playing Alice in the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland” sequel?
    2. Are you still doing photography on your film sets?
    3. Do you feel your subtle acting style is misunderstood by some movie audiences who don’t take the time to study details?

  7. Cleve says:

    Meryl Streep mentioned you at the Goldne Globes last year, praising your perfomance in Jane Eyre. What did it feel like, to have one of you idols recognizing and saying good things about your work?

  8. JFCMovies says:

    Sorry, one more:
    While filming Lawless, did you and Dane DeHaan ever get together at some point and talk about your experiences on In Treatment?

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