Box Office: It’s official, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Over, “Mama” rules

We count Monday figures, too, when summing up the long and always lucrative Martin Luther King holiday weekend at the movies.

So nothing’s truly official until the last farthing to counted Monday night.

But right now, “Mama,” looks to have made $28 million, just through Sunday — figure $32-35 by Monday.

And “Broken City,” the new Mark Walhberg action drama, is at $9 with a fond hope of clearing $10 by Monday night.

“The Last Stand,” a retro Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner with sidekicks, catch phrases, bad acting and decent action — won’t even do that well. It’s sitting just over $6 million, now. No way that movie covers cost, not in this country anyway.

Maybe overseas they’re still into the creaking old action figure.

“Silver Linings Playbook” has ridden an Oscar bounce into the top five.

“The Hobbit” is on the cusp of dropping out of the top ten.


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