Movie Preview: “Parker,” how bad can it be?

Jason Statham is consistently interesting as an action hero — a dynamo who leans into the frame, with or without a gun. I’ve been a fan since his early Guy Ritchie days, on through “Transporter” and “Bank Job,” through “Crank,” and “Killer Elite” even.

He makes some stinkers — a LOT of stinkers. “Parker” co-stars Jennifer Lopez.

What are the odds that this won’t suck?

Well, not good. The studio was pitching interviews with the stars. They were offering to show the movie, provided no review was written.

WTH? Seriously? Why not post “This film has been rated SUCKY” on the TV ads? It’s always riskier to release a film unpreviewed/reviewed. Critics have to go out and see it at midnight the night before, and since the studio has already told us it’s damaged goods, we don’t even have to stay awake through all of it.

Granted, it is a “January movie.” But still…

The trailer is a decent sell, but the folks releasing the film have pooped all over it before it comes out. Sad.

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