Box Office: Read between the lines, “Haunted” bests “Zero Dark,” “Hobbit” is still making money

In actual per screen averages, last weekend’s number 2 film at the box office, the sluggishly paced and laugh-starved “Haunted House” made more money than “Zero Dark Thirty,” the Oscar nominated winner of the overall box office race. That’s money per screen.

“Rise of the Guardians” will finally clear $100 million by the end of this week. “Life of Pi” will get enough of an Oscar extension of life to clear $100 million by next weekend.

“Skyfall” will clear $300 million by next weekend.

“The Hobbit” made another $9 million.

“Silver Linings Playbook” is the picture that got the “true” Oscar bounce. “Argo” was thrown back on screens and did respectable numbers.

And last weekend’s winner, the Godawful “Texas Chainsaw 3D” fell off 76% in its second weekend. Rejected or spent, you decide.


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