Box office Oscar bumps — “Zero Dark Thirty” wins weekend, “Lincoln” and others gain viewers

“Zero Dark Thirty” goes into wide release this weekend (my review here) and looks to be the big weekend winner, pulling in some $25 million at the box office.

Other Oscar nominated pictures, including “Lincoln” and “Life of Pi,” saw a big Friday night spike in attendance as well.

“Django” took a pretty big Oscar dip. Does it finally seem like damaged goods?

“Gangster Squad,” dismissed by some, praised as a gangster Western by me (review here) is headed toward what may be a sub-$20 million weekend, based on Friday’s numbers. I doubt if the word of mouth will be that bad on it, so we’ll see what Saturday’s numbers show.

“A Haunted House,” a lumbering comedy in the “Paranormal Black-tivity” vein (Marlon W. would appreciate that, my review here) is doing quite well — upper -$teens.

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